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Henry Thom

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After 14 years as a Professional in Germany, Henry became the head Coach for Timmendorf and led them from div. 5 to div. 3 within 2 years. He worked up his way, coaching Rostock for 2 years, before he was signed by Hamburg in the DEL as an Assistant Coach, where he helped the Team reaching top 6 twice, always being among the Teams with the fewest Goals against. After coaching Gherdeina in 2013/14, he returned to Timmendorf for one more year, helping the Team to avoid relegation. For 2015/16 he returned to Gherdeina, before he took over a struggling Selb Team that he led into the Play-Offs. In Hamburg he stabilized a struggling Organization, currently being in 2nd place in the Northern division.

Henry Thom
Canada / Germany
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Hijs Hokij Den Haag / BeNe Liga / available after being released
2024 / available