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Jeff Tomlinson

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After playing as a Professional in Europe for 9 years, Jeff became a Coach and constantly worked up his way through the German system. Starting out with the Eisbären Juniors in the German Oberliga, he was named Assistant Coach by the Eisbären Berlin in the DEL in 2007, a job he had for 3 years, winning the Championship in 2008 and 2009. His hard work, eye for young talent and understanding of the game didn't go unnoticed, when the Düsseldorfer EG named him their new head Coach for 2010/11 and 2011/12, where he posted a 58 win and 36 losses record in 104 games. After a year in Nürnberg, he returned to Berlin in the DEL for 2 more years, before helping Rapperswil in the NLB to win the regular season title and reaching the Finals, leading the Team back to the NLA in 2017/18. Jeff also served as an Assistant Coach for the German U-18 / U-20 and National Team at various World Championships and the Olympics 2010, and was named head Coach for Team Canada at the Deutschland Cup in 2014.

Jeff Tomlinson
Canada / Germany
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Kloten / SL (Switzerland)