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Mark Bell

“When I first contacted Lars I was in the middle of a difficult situation with injury and my current team. Through his professionalism, honesty, and hard work we got through that situation and I had one of my best seasons. He put my mind at ease with all the issues that came along so I could concentrate on getting healthy and back on the ice. I cannot thank Lars enough for what he did by getting me out of a difficult situation and helping me secure a contract with an organization I am proud to be a part of. I would recommend Lars to anyone and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Martin Buchwieser

"Lars has played an integral part in my career as a hockey Player. With his honest and friendly personality, he has always been an important advisor in all aspects of my career. Furthermore i can always count on him to support me, and help me, to reach my Goals"

Simon Danner

“Lars and i have been working together since 2010 and i'm extremely satisfied with the work he has done for me since day one. In contract negotiations he always makes sure the interests and requirements of my family and myself are taken care of 100%. During the time of a serious injury that sidelined me for an entire season, he was always there for me, and took care of absolutely everything that came along, so i could focus on getting healthy again, and didn't have to worry about anything else. He always makes himself available, and takes care of my needs on and off the ice. I very much appreciate his honest and easy going personality, which is not only very important, but also makes him super easy to talk to. I can highly recommend Lars to anyone, looking for the best possible representation in professional sports.”

Kyle Doyle

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Lars over the past years. As a player we need to focus on our play and Lars has enabled me to do this over the past seasons. Lars separates himself from the pack by being tangible to his clients via email, phone or speaking with his clients in person. He has always been available and has helped me through some difficult times, situations and contracts. Lars and I have a mutual trust, loyalty and respect for one another, which is always important in this line of business. He is a genuine person who cares about his players, their families and the player’s future. I know Lars is looking out for my best interest and that of my family. He has always been honest and upfront about everything and this is what a respectable hockey agent does. I believe hockey agents actually have to go through the challenges of being a hockey player and know what it takes to be successful. Lars has all of these experiences and prepares his clients for the upcoming obstacles and season. I value his professional advice and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Andreas Driendl

“Lars is always there when you need him. He usually works from the background, but always makes sure that my needs are 100% covered. What i like about Lars a lot, is the fact that he is always available, comes to my games, and waits for me afterwards, to discuss if everything is ok. He makes sure to keep in touch with his Players, so we're always up to date as to what's going on.”

Reid Duke

I've really enjoyed working with Lars. Although we've only known each other for a short amount of time it's felt as if he's been my agent my whole life. He's someone who doesn't look at you as a client but more like family. His communication is second to none and it's very easy to see his passion and effort to advance your career! Very grateful to have him as my agent


- Reid Duke -

Lanny Gare

What's separates Lars from other agents I've had in the past is his excellent communication skills.  Lars is always very fast to answer and solve any off-ice problems or concerns that may arise, leaving me to focus on my on-ice performance.  Several times in the crossroads of my career, Lars has been successful in guiding my family and I in the direction that is most beneficial for us and my career.  As an ex-player, Lars can relate to what players go through during their pro-careers.  What started years ago as a "business" relationship quickly developed into a relationship of trust and friendship.

Tristan Keck

Lars played a huge role in my journey to professional hockey. When i first reached out to him, i was unsure if he would take me on. After our first phone call i knew he was the perfect fit. I appreciate his great communication, upbeat personality and support. He always answers all my questions (even the dumb ones) quickly and with great detail. He also is helping me get my German passport. I highly recommend Lars, he is sure to represent you well.

Justin Kirsch

I've been working with Lars for many years amd his Communication is by far the best i have ever had. He orks hard for his Players and always pts the Players' needs first. Lars has helped me to find the best fit for me as a Player and also my family. He acts in a professional way and has always been direct and honest. Lars has made my decisions easy with all his advice on new Cities and Teams with his experience and knoledge.

I would recommend Lars to anyone and look forward to working with him in the future.


   Justin Kirsch

Patrick Klein

Lars has become a true friend of mine, who supports and advises me in all decisions regarding my future as a professional athlete and always watches out for my development.

Cody Kunyk

Lars is someone who cares about his Players. He takes care of any issues right away, which allows me to just focus on playing. He is an easy person to talk to, wether it be about contract negotiations or just meeting up after a game. His focus isn't only making sure i am set up wherever i am playing, but for my family as well. Having played the game, Lars understands everything that goes into life at the rink and life away from the rink. I am very proud to have Lars as my agent. 

Highly recommed !


- Cody Kunyk -

Mathias Lange

“Lars and I started working together after my first season as a professional hockey player in 2010. While I wasn’t in a favorable position at that time, Lars was always honest and upfront with me in regards to finding a new team and that has continued throughout the past 4 years. As a client, I value his honesty, responsiveness, as well as his patience. The high quality of his work allows me to focus on improving as a hockey player, while knowing that everything else hockey-related is taken care of by Lars.”

Kevin LaVallee

Lars is more than just an agent, he's always one phone call away for support and he gives you priority when you're dealing with him. Love the honest and no bull approach.The strategy is individually based on your career path. Was a refreshing experience. Thanks Lars !


-Kevin LaVallee-

Colin Long

"Lars ist die Hammer. Lars is not only a great agent , but I consider him a friend. Any time I call or text he answers within the hour. He makes me feel very comfortable and it is easy to talk to him. "

Chris Mason

“Lars has been unbelievable for me. One of the most important things that I look for in an agent is someone that takes the time to answer any and all questions I may have. I know as a player it's not easy going into situations you may know nothing about. I also appreciate when my agent gets back to me right away. There is nothing worse than needing to get a hold of your agent and can't track him down and I want my agent to have a vast knowledge of the leagues, teams and cities around Europe.

I can honestly say Lars has exceeded all my expectations in every department. He has personally made my transition to Europe a wonderful experience. I would recommend Lars to absolutely anyone and have great confidence that they would be completely satisfied with his service.

He is a great person and I feel very fortunate that he was recommended to me.”

Brandon Maxwell

Honesty is tough to find. After working with Lars for a short period of time I saw that he was 100% honest and looking out for my best interests. I'm very happy that I have him helping me with my career. I am much more relaxed and can just play the game.

Matt McKnight

“My family and I have worked with Lars the last 2 + years and have had a very positive experience working with him. Being from North America, our family has relied on Lars probably more than most players.  Any questions or concerns myself or my wife have had, Lars is always quick and thorough with his answers.

In our time with Lars I changed teams. When my family was making our decision on changing teams, Lars provided us with in depth information on all our options. With this my wife and I were able to make a decision and feel 100% confident with it.

We thank Lars for all of his help, and look forward to working with him in the future.”


Norm Milley

"I've had the pleasure of working with Lars for the past 7 hockey seasons, my entire European career playing in the DEL league. Language barrier is an issue with being a Canadian working in Germany trying to understand the language and way of life in a foreign country..  Lars is a qualified and competent agent with an excellent rapport with his clients. He is always available to advise and assist to understand contract language and other issues that may rise.   He always makes a point to visit and talk on a personal level after games and checks on my progress during the hockey season. He conducts himself in a very professional, prompt and friendly manner and has been an asset to my hockey career in Europe.  Not only is he my european agent, I consider him a good friend."

Richard Mueller

Lars and i have worked together for the past 6 years. Lars has excellent communication skills and is always reachable. He will always keep you informed and updated through negotiations, or finding a Team. He will make sure the needs of you and your family are always met. He is definitely an agent you can trust and put your career in his hands. He will work hard for you and help you make the right decisions. Lars has exceeded my expectations in all aspects. He respects and treats every client the same. I would highly recommend Lars.

Thank you Lars!!!

Tyson E Mulock

“Lars has taken me from the 3rd division to first division within 2 years. I am now into my 8th season in the DEL , He has and continues to be the best agent I have had and seen in my hockey career. He is very honest with you and would give you his shirt off his back if it would help you. Many people and players I have been around use the term "Jerry Maquire"  to describe how much he cares and wants you to succeed in life as well as hockey..

Thank you for all your help and guidance..”


TJ Mulock

“I have been been with Lars for 8 years now. I have seen everything from bancrupt teams to Championship winning teams and their has not been 1 situation where I have felt he hasn't done an excellent job. To say that I recommend him would be an understatement. He has been a huge part of my success and I look forward to my continuing relationship with him.”

Kevin Nastiuk

"Lars has proven to be a very reliable and trustworthy agent. Being North American and a import in most leagues his knowledge of the game and teams throughout Europe makes him a great fit. Any Issues on or off the ice Lars has provided great advice and a genuine care for his clients. Playing in Germany he has made my transition a lot easier and we have created a really good relationship. I look forward to continuing working with Lars and enjoying my experience in Europe."

Brendan O'Donnell

Working with Lars has been great. He's honest and very in-tune with the leagues and Player value. He's professional and most importantly very easy to work with.


-Brendan O'Donnell-

Ryan Olsen

For a Player making the move from Canada to Europe... Lars has been nothing but a tremendous help. He cares about his Players and wants them to succeed. He will always find a way to help if needed.


- Ryan Olsen -

Fabio Pfohl

Lars is plain and simply amazing!! He's always helping me out, regardless of the topic, helping me to focus on my career. He always takes care of things asap, so i can just focus on my job on the ice, and don't have to worry about anything else. As an agent, and a friend (which he has become for me over the years), you can always count on him, and you won't be disappointed once.

Jason Pinizzotto

“Lars has worked for me since 2008 and I couldn't be happier with my experience! I am grateful for the professional relationship I have developed with him as well as a personal one  to the level that  I trust Lars 100% that he is giving me his best advice and most honest opinions. I know when I contact him, he will return my call as soon as possible and this a comfortable feeling to any athlete to have an agent they know is looking out for them. I highly recommend Lars to anyone looking to build a professional hockey career”

Kyle Piwowarczyk

"My experience with Lars has been great! He has been honest and straightforward with me since we started working together in 2007 and after many years nothing has changed. I have a lot of respect for Lars and I trust him and his opinions regarding career decisions a great deal."

Alexander Preibisch

Lars is a friendly, professional and extremely supportive agent. I can always rely on him no matter the problem. His permanent support throughout all the Years just make him a true professional and i can always rely on him to advise me in all aspects of my career.

Lars helped me to find my way as a hockey pro and i'm very grateful to have him in my corner.

- Alexander Preibisch -

Steven Reinprecht

“I have worked with Lars for a couple of years. I am very comfortable, and satisfied in my dealings with him. He is always available to talk to and always quick to return calls. I recommend his services to any player interested in getting professional representation.”

Patrick Rissmiller

"Lars has been great to work with.  He is very detailed, honest and upfront.  He always lets me know what teams he has spoken to and what teams have to say.  It is never a guessing game as to what is going on with like most other European agents.  He is always working with the clients best interest in mind."

Ashton Rome

“I wanted an agent who made me feel first priority. A small agency is the way to go. You don't get lost in the shuffle. I have that with Lars. Being a former hockey player himself, Lars knows and respects the game and shares the same values and work ethic I have for my own career. Respect, loyalty, and trust are so important when finding and agent, and I knew right away that I had that in Lars. He genuinely cares about the players he represents. He takes care of everything so I can just focus on my career. I don't need to worry about negotiations or the future because he is worrying about it for me. I can just Play. Having a family of his own, he understands the importance of taking care of the needs of my family and career before I even ask him to. I highly recommend Lars to any player entering or continuing a career in professional hockey and sports.

I've been fortunate enough to play professional hockey for the last 11 years of my life and realize how important a sports agent has been to my career. Lars represents me as a player with the outmost integrity and character.  He ALWAYS makes himself available. He always answers your calls the first time. If not, he is calling you within the hour. No phone tag, no chasing, no run around. He gets to the bottom of things right away and tells you like it is. In my whole career, I've never had an agent as persistent as him. I truly feel that if Lars represented me 11 years ago, I could have been in a totally different situation than i am right now. But I am thankful for at least meeting him when I did. Lars has experienced all of the challenges of today's athletes and knows what it takes to be successful. Unlike most agents I've seen, he is NOT in it for the money. He separates himself from other agents by being tangible to his players/clients. He's always looking for ways to help you ON and OFF the ice. To me, this is one of the most important attributes to find in an agent. Every friend and player that I have recommended him to has loved him. You will too.”

Marcus Sommerfeld

“I've been working with Lars for 3 years now. The most important thing for me when choosing an agent are honesty and communication. Lars has always asked me exactly what I want, and been able to give me the straight truth. His communication skills are excellent, and he's always returned my calls, and emails immediately. I'm very happy with the jobs and offers he's presented to me, and always felt he's fighting to get me the best deal. I would strongly recommend Lars, and I'm really glad he represents me.”

Kris Sparre

I am currently going into my 7th season in Germany. Over the past years I have been with a few different agents. It has been really difficult to find someone who you can trust with you and your families best interest and really believe they are working hard for you. Again after my 5th season I was unhappy with my representation and was given Lars contact information from a good friend. Since I have been working with Lars i have been extremely happy. He makes you feel like you are a priority and is always quick to respond to emails or messages. As a player coming from overseas you need to be able to sleep at night an know you are being represented properly. I can now do so!!!!!

Ahren Spylo

“I am very appreciative of all the hard work and extra effort put in over the course of 6 years working with Lars. He has always made himself available and has gone above and beyond to help me reach my goals. Lars has always handled me during my career in a very professional manner and over the years we've developed a great friendship.”

Dylan Stanley

"As a player the biggest asset you can ask for in your agent is trust and with Lars Wunsche you have that. His professionalism is beyond excellent and his player management skills put him above others in his field. Lars has not only benefited my career as a hockey player he has also looked after me and my family with the upmost care.  As a professional hockey player there is nothing more that you can ask for."

Marko Suvelo

“Since 2006 Lars has been helping me with my career. By now we are also good friends outside of hockey and that was what I liked about Lars right from the start. He really cares about you and makes you feel that you are not just another client of him.”

Jeff Tomlinson

“Being a coach and having to deal with agents, I have always felt that Lars had his players best interests in mind. My dealings with Lars have been professional and honest. Lars is always reachable for the teams to discuss his players or he calls right back in a timely manor. It is always a pleasure doing business with Lars and his quality players.“

Mark Voakes

“Lars has been very easy to work with. He takes care of the business aspects of the game allowing me to focus on the ice. His honest and hardworking approach is something I very much appreciate. He goes out of his way to help with anything I need relating to both on and off ice issues. He has been very helpful in me learning and adjusting to the hockey landscape in Europe. In all my experiences I have found Lars to be knowledgeable, connected, respected and professional. I would highly recommend him.”

Jakob Weber

I've been working with Lars since day 1 of my professional career and he's an unbelievable agent, who's looking for long term and sustainable business relationships with his Players. He always focuses on the Players' best interest and never looses sight of the important aspects.

Lars is always available when you try to get a hold of him and dealing with / talking to him is extremely easy and pleasant.

Thank you very much for doing such a great Job since many years.


 - Jakob Weber-

Derek Whitmore

"I finally got to meet Lars face to face at the start of last season when I came back overseas to play in the DEL again. From day one of just talking to him I knew that he cared a great deal about my hockey career but more importantly a great deal about me as a person along with my wife and daughter who was shortly on the way. You get 100% honesty with Lars and that's all you can ask for from an agent. I may not have always liked what he was telling me about the feedback he was receiving from teams but I knew I was getting straight answers which would give me peace of mind. Even when I was injured Lars took time out of his busy schedule to meet with me and talk to me and just try to keep me positive and upbeat when I was facing some adversity. He genuinely cares about all his clients and I would recommend him to no questions asked."

Jeremy Williams

My experience with Lars has been great on so many levels. I always feel that i'm a priority for him and he promptly and effectively communicates through every aspect of free agency. Lars is not only professional when dealing with potential Teams, but he is very personable and cares about my well-being, and the well-being of my wife and children. He does his due dilligence with the Teams he negotiates with, and is forthright with the pros and cons of offers. He got me a great deal, and i'd recommend him to other Players.

Lars Wünsche

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