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  • At IPC we don’t recruit. Every single client came through recommendation, or contacted us personally, and over the years it has become a trade mark of excellence to be represented through IPC. Our clients are among the best of the best in their respective leagues, or top young talents, which covers Players in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Great-Britain and Italy. GMs and Coaches know that dealing with IPC means, you’re talking about high quality Players who can be the difference makers, and not talking about depth guys.
  • Because we only take on a limited amount of clients, this allows us to provide a superior client service in all aspects, that is second to none. Something that’s impossible to do, if you need to take care of too many Players.
  • We take care of all possible off ice needs also, so you only have to focus on your job as a Player. If needed, we offer support through well respected accountants, doctors, lawyers, who all have a hockey background and know what this business is all about.
  • You're looking for top representation to reach your Goals and take your career to the highest level possible? Contact us and IPC is the agency that will help you to do exactly that.


Players who can be difference makers, and not talking about depth guys. IPC clients won the scoring title in the DEL 4 out of the last 5 years years. Norm Milley in 2011/12, Calle Ridderwall in 2012/13, Adam Courchaine in 2013/14 and Steven Reinprecht in 2014/15.



Lars Wünsche

IPC International Player Consulting

+49 172 410 6407
+49 211 583 47 91


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